Ergonomic Dental Assistant Stool TS09

Find the hot sale dental assistant saddle stools among the full line from TRINY. The ergonomic dental assistant stool offers a high quality saddle seat and adjustable armrest.

  • Fully Adjustable

  • Adjustable Armrest

  • Ergonomic

  • Worldwide Supply


The TS09 Ergonomic Dental Assistant Stool with thick padding on this stool is particularly comfortable on the elbows over prolonged periods of time. The armrest support is attached on a gas lift cylinder, it can literally be moved out the way when it is not needed. It can be used as a unilateral support if you need extra support on one side of the body. The flexible swing armrest which allows dentists and dental assistants to support their arms or lumbar. This ergonomic saddle stool is designed for both durability and comfort and should help promote ergonomic positioning during treatment. It offer full range of adjustments to help you find a comfortable position. Explore our affordable ergonomic dental stools solutions to find those good ones for your practice or medical equipment business. Welcome all wholesaler, distributors, importer, traders from all over the world.

Key Features

  • Saddle seat provides correct weight distribution, pelvic tilt, and comfort
  • Allows neutral posture, promoting muscular health
  • Contoured fully adjustable body support arm
  • Pneumatic adjustable height
  • Five-leg aluminum base provides better stability
  • Available 20 colour options
  • Armrest size: L50 × W10 cm
  • Backrest: L38 cm × W36 cm
  • Seat: L45 cm × W30 cm
  • Gas lift cylinder: 160 (optional 180)
  • Seat height: 45~60 cm (140 cylinder)
  • Variable height by gas lift cylinder
  • Base: Φ56 cm polish finish aluminium base
  • Foot ring: polish finish aluminium
  • Castors: Φ50 mm double roller silent castor
  • Upholstery: High density PU foam
  • Cover: PU leather / Microfiber leather
  • Net weight: 16 kg
  • Packing size: 60*60*35 cm


  • Long-term stable and large quantity supply available
  • Welcome all importers, dealers, distributors and traders to cooperate with us!

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